Der Bunker Was Like a Car Crash for SplatsOfBlood.com

“Grotesque and absurd, but like a car crash, I was horrified but found my eyes glued to the screen…you will be entertained.” – SplatsOfBlood


Forces of Geek Calls DER BUNKER, “A John Waters film by way of David Cronenberg.”

“For those of you who felt The Lobster was just a tad too mainstream for a Summer release, Der Bunker should strike your fancy. Dark, exploitive and fairly twisted…Der Bunker is ultimately a John Waters film by way of David Cronenberg. A lot of the film’s charms are trashy, and perverse, but ultimately very, very funny. If you’re looking for something really different, not clearly defined as Horror or Comedy, yet clearly soaked in a foot bath of both, check yourself in. Der Bunker is a cinematic curiosity piece made for a crowded late-night screening, and certainly something weird for collectors of the mondo trasho to add to their shelves. ForcesOfGeek

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Christopher Walken in Cronenberg's The Dead Zone

Christopher Walken in Cronenberg’s The Dead Zone

Will Dawn Davenport ever find happiness ? - Female Trouble

Will Dawn Davenport ever find happiness ? – Female Trouble



DER BUNKER is an “airbnb from Hell” says BattleRoyaleWithCheese

“…as he arrives at the family’s bunker, he suspects that he has arrived at the airbnb from hell…it is a twisted tale with a serious message about education and childhood, where the abnormal gradually becomes normal.” BattleRoyaleWithCheese



DER BUNKER Is, “Schizofreude – an erratic, unpredictable, dangerous film” Says CutPrintFilm

A funny, visually arresting, and a bit unsettling modern fairy tale. Der Bunker is film without a genre. You could start by labeling it horror, but you’d almost certainly have to back it up with comedy, and then psycho-sexual thriller, and then drama, and then even science-fiction, and after a while it gets to the point where you realize to saddle it with one or several genre labels is fruitless. Perhaps schizofreude–an erratic, unpredictable, dangerous film from which an audience can derive pleasure by their witnessing extremely discomforting scenarios that straddle the line between obviously funny and vaguely disturbing. Der Bunker comes highly recommended for seekers of the strange, and its blu-ray makes the case for an easy purchase. – CutPrintFilm


HorrorTalk says, THE PERFECT HUSBAND has, “A twist that shocks the senses.”

“A twist that shocks the senses. – HorrorTalk

BlurayAuthority Says DER BUNKER s “is destined for cult status”

Clips from BlurayAuthority‘s review of Der Bunker:

easily one of the most unique and truly bizarre films I have seen this year, and that is saying something because I have watched some crazy ass movies this year. ..The film is essentially an exercise in mood, and is beautifully staged and shot…If you are looking for something you have never seen before, and I can’t imagine seeing again, then look no further. Truly bizarre. Cult films do not come much stranger than this one. I have been thinking about this movie a lot in the twenty four hours since I have watched it, and can’t seem to shake the strange power to captivate that this strangely funny film holds. It is absolutely as bizarre a film as I have seen in a long time. If you are looking for something COMPLETELY removed from the mainstream, and you don’t mind somewhat vague surrealist filmmaking, this movie is going to be one that you will be talking about for a long time. I honestly believe that this is destined for cult status.BlurayAuthority


Der Bunker 13

DER BUNKER Makes New York Weekly News’ “Top Ten List”

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TheSlaughteredBird.com Calls DER BUNKER “Extraordinary”

An extraordinary piece of filmmaking….There are parts you’ll snicker at, smirk at, even laugh aloud watching, even as you squirm in discomfort. It keeps you off-balance, and just when you anticipate the next move, it still surprises you with its cleverness. Like all comedy, you’ll either find it funny or you won’t. I’m reasonably certain, however, that you probably haven’t seen anything else quite like it. I’ve kept this review brief because I don’t want to ruin the experience for you: you should click away to watch Der Bunker as soon as you can. Then click back and tell us what you think at The Slaughtered Bird. – read full review: TheSlaughteredBird


WeAreIndieHorror Impressed by The Perfect Husband

“Thrilling and exciting featuring some fantastic camera work by director of photography Davide Manca. In fact, Manca’s work is some of the most polished and finest composition and lighting I have seen in a lower budget film in quite some time. Relying on one location, the film’s visual compositions trap you in the lush forest and cabin in which the film is set, and thus, trapping our protagonists in their seemingly inescapable psychological nightmare.” – Full Review: WeAreIndieHorror.com

MovieHooker Calls DER BUNKER, “Brilliant…Weird…Wonderful…Unique”

“If you’re a fan of the weird and wonderful, then you should immediately go and watch Der Bunker. I can guarantee you that the film is unlike anything you have ever seen. Der Bunker is a brilliantly written/directed début. Nikias Chryssos introduces characters with no back-story, but are easily some of the best characters to hit the screen in some time. Such a weird and unique tale brought to life by so little. A great achievement for any filmmaker, it’s hard to believe that Der Bunker is his first feature-length. It’s going to be shocking to see what movie this man releases on us next. I will be eagerly awaiting its arrival.” – MovieHooker