You Like Artsploitation! You Really Like Artsploitation!

Richard Whittaker from the Austin Chronicle Writes About Artsploitaiton

“For anyone who wants respite from mainstream cinema, ambulance or even mainstream indie cinema, there’s a whole globe of bizarre and envelope-pushing movies. The only problem is that there’s a lack of outlets for them. So for fans of such films, the big question has been: Whatever happened to Artsploitation?

The nascent label was off to a rollicking start, mixing genre oddities with street-hardened narratives. It had a slate that included fascinating Lithuanian sci-fi dream Vanishing Waves and German neo-Nazi drama Combat Girls.

Then it basically disappeared for 15 months.

Now it’s back with a trifecta of titles. The tone of its first three releases places a little more emphasis on horror than much of its earlier catalog. However, its aspiration to provide a home to the more cerebral genre titles is undoubtedly still in place. This is a label with a distinctive voice, and that’s a rarity. With titles like SXSW horror favorite Cub, and Other Worlds Austin crowd pleaser Bloody Knuckles all on the slate before the end of the year, that voice should only get stronger.” — Richard Whitaker, Austin Chronicle

Why go to church? Watch THE HOUSE WITH 100 EYES!

The House with 100 Eyes
 was nearly a religious experience for the critic Benjamin Welton at! He called out for the Jewish carpenter on several occasions while watching the film. He wrote, clinicThe House with 100 Eyes is only a “great” movie insomuch that a night of binge drinking is a great night out. Actually, store  House is less like drinking ‘til you puke and more like puking itself. This film is vile. This film is disturbing. Burn this film.” We at Artsploitation listen to our press people, so right after lunch, we are taking all the 100 Eyes DVDs down to the dumpster for an old fashioned bonfire so you better buy your DVD now!

DER SAMURAI: Now this is a pull quote!
From “Imagine the distant cool of Jean-Pierre Melville starring a German Toshiro Mifune filtered through the androgyny and homoeroticism of Rainer Werner Fassbender and you have a rough idea of the stage set in Till Kleinert’s surreal fantasy action thriller, cure Der Samurai.”
Read the full review here; Der Samurai is now available on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD.
The Return of Artsploitation Films

After a 15 month hiatus, for sale Artsploitation Films is back with a full slate of releases and a brand new website! Check out the Coming Soon section for details on our upcoming release slate, which kicks off in June with some big festival favorites including DER SAMURAI and HORSEHEAD, both of which will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray! You can now purchase Artsploitation titles directly from us at discounted prices including all catalog titles at a low $12.99. So please spend a few minutes perusing our new digs, and if you see a title that you’re unfamiliar with then give it a quick look, it’s likely worth your time.