Yes, OutreEye loved and highly recommends The Devil Lives Here. Here are some excerpts from his masterpiece review!

“So sit back and let me tell ya why THE DEVIL LIVES HERE is much more than meets the outre eye! For those that require comparisons before they dive into a fright flick, I’d say the best way to imagine the arcane aesthetics of THE DEVIL LIVES HERE is to picture a film created by Sam Raimi and Dario Argento working in tandem. Sound insane? Well it is and amazingly the style gels into something loaded with mounting tension, ancient rituals, and visual flair for miles. In short, I really can’t recommend THE DEVIL LIVES HERE enough; it’s a fantastic fright flick that plays like a fever dream and features a great villain that you’ll love to hate. Check this one out immediately my creeps!” OutreEye