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Unlike any other horror film you’ll see this year, DER SAMURAI is a German mind-bender about shape-shifting cross-dressers, bloody decapitations, repressed sexual desires and small town life. But while director Till Kleinert’s film is a surreal mix of dark comedy and eerie creep-out that recalls David Lynch. Jakob is a policeman in a village deep in the woods, where little happens until the arrival of a mysterious wolf that is causing havoc. Working the night shift, Jakob is tracking the wolf…only to discover that the lupine lurker is actually a man clad only in lipstick and a ladies’ slip, and toting a samurai sword that he uses to lop off the heads of the townspeople, including Jakob’s tormentors. Jakob and the transvestite samurai seem to share a bond, and as the night gets darker, events get even weirder. Completely bizarre yet wildly entertaining, DER SAMURAI is a horror must-see for the adventurous!

PLEASE NOTE: The first run of DER SAMURAI Blu-rays were duplicated, the second run (currently in stock directly through us) were replicated. Some online retailers may still have duplicated copies in stock, there’s no way for us to know. We have been offering customers to exchange duplicated copies for replicated ones, this offer is limited to US residents (where we have the rights to the film) and ends on November 1, 2015.

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