“Sometimes it’s just not safe to pick up chicks. Consider the unsuspecting, steroid-driven, motoring males of Vampyres (1974). The hapless hunks in this English-made story of good-deed-doers done wrong stop out of the goodness of their hearts and offer rides to a mixed pair of thin, enchanting young ladies, one dark of mane, the other blonde. Naturally, if the assisted women should offer the convenience of a one-night sleepover at their vast, slightly eerie mansion, the gentlemen must oblige them. Likewise, they dare not risk hurting the feelings of the sensitive femmes by refusing their spread-legged nighttime hospitality. As they doze off into the slumber of the righteous, injustice rears its fanged head in the form of bloodsucking vampire lesbians!” – MrSkin


Tempting, but do not give this girl a ride unless you want your blood sucked out of your horny little body.