Another fuckin’ body to cut up?

It is my job at Artsploitation to read incoming reviews and edit them down to positive sound bits. But this review from John W. Allman (Blood Violence and was so laudatary and insightful, I regrettably had to cut out many juicy parts just to keep it at blurb length – go to his site and read the entire review:

“Have you ever finished a movie that just blew you away, but you had absolutely zero idea what the fuck you just watched? Welcome to “Dead Dicks,” a fearless and fascinating take on resurrection that isn’t afraid to get surprisingly poignant about our fragile existence or throw some full-frontal penis on camera when you least expect it. For horror and science-fiction fans, especially, “Dead Dicks” will be a welcome oasis in a pandemic summer that’s been sorely lacking in joyous cinematic discoveries. “Dead Dicks” is like watching David Cronenberg direct “Flatliners.” It’s packed with bizarrely beautiful and grotesque mutations, such as the giant wall vagina that mysteriously appears in Richie’s bedroom, and serves as a kind of reproductive assembly line, which sets “Dead Dicks” in motion. “Dead Dicks” also is a gore-soaked exercise in body disposal…And it’s a cadaver comedy that gets more and more ridiculous as the body count stacks higher and higher. More than anything, “Dead Dicks” is rife with ruminations on what it means to be alive, and how something so precious can be taken for granted…“Dead Dicks” is provocative, playful and revelatory…Don’t go download the trailer. Don’t look up any other reviews. Just trust that this is one of those movies you have to see, and experience, in order to appreciate. Clothing optional, of course. – John W. Allman,  Blood Violence and