“Reinert Kiil has created a delightfully grotesque gore-fest that nevertheless delivers some substance beyond the gallons of blood spilled on the screen. If you’ve exhausted your Christmas horror watch-list and need something both violent and festive to satisfy the itch, you could do a lot worse than Christmas Blood. It’s almost impossible to watch the movie without drawing parallels to Halloween. Indeed, Christmas Blood feels like what would happen if you reimagined Halloween as a giallo film set at Christmas and heavily infused with Norwegian culture and sensibilities. I don’t know if there’s a Norwegian equivalent to Italy’s giallo, but if there were, I’d consider this a flagship title in the genre. It’s a film that demands to be watched in a darkened room, and it deserves the treatment. If you enjoy grisly crime stories with a heaping side of slasher films, Reinert Kiil’s movie is a gift that keeps on giving. – RavenousMonsters

Christmas Blood