“There are no gimmicks, no clues that it will get around to be being a brutal and downright nasty revenge movie”

“Rondo is a twisted little movie, albeit twisted in the best way.”

In the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and Brian De Palma’s Body Double, Drew Barnhardt‘s Rondo (read our review) is said to be “a sexy, funny, and distinctly modern update to the suspense thriller.” Artsploitation Films will release the film festival and critics favorite on DVD and VOD June 4th.

Complete BLOODY DISGUSTING article on the release of RONDO can be read HERE 

“It’s twisted in its story structure, it’s twisted in its depraved dialogue, twisted in its willingness to get insanely bloody and show us something we’re positive it’s not going to show us. It’s a movie made with real confidence, one which feels fresh and exciting as it unfolds – it’s only afterwards that you realize Drew Barnhardt has found a new way to skin a cat.”