“I have to be honest: I’ve never been a fan of experimental films. I’ve only seen a handful, but I did not enjoy any of them. As such, I’m having a hard time deciphering my feelings about MEAT, a recent release from Artsploitation Films. While not solidly experimental in classification, the movie has many of the traits associated with these kind of films. If I’m basing my review on entertainment value alone, I suppose I’d have to say it’s decent, but not fantastic; it kept my attention, but only because I was struggling to figure out what was happening and why. In the end, I guess I have to say watch this one for yourself and draw your own conclusion as to whether or not it merits accolades. From a production standpoint, MEAT looks pretty good. The sets are great, the acting is very good, and the attention to detail is superb. The cinematography is interesting, and has some great and unusual camera angles. And there’s a nice dose of absurdity to the events that unfold (I particularly enjoyed how everybody was using the meat locker as a hook-up spot for sex). Perhaps I need to watch the film again…maybe I missed something the first time around. I don’t know. But for now I’ll just say it is an ok movie. I will probably revisit it again soon, but I don’t know for sure.” – ShatteredRavings

A confused Matthew Scott Baker as imagined by Artsploitation’s staff.