Bret Roberts 1

Bret Roberts, star of our upcoming feature, The Perfect Husband, is a producer, actor, writer and musician who was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1975. He made his screen debut as a sailor in Pearl Harbor (2001) and began producing in 2007 with “Blind Man”. His rugged good looks and rough-hewn appearance have led to him being typecast as a blue-collar tough, and he has portrayed a number of bad guys in cult horror films such as “Red Velvet” and “Raven”. Although he has almost 50 films to his credit over the span of a 16-year career, mostly in supporting roles or as a bit player, it was his role as real-life murderer Richard Ramirez in the 2002 horror documentary Nightstalker (film) that made audiences sit up and take notice. A cameo as Jim Morrison in My Dinner with Jimi (2003) led many to remark on his uncanny resemblance to the legendary musician. Roberts appeared in a Little Big Town country music video and has written a song for a video documentary, “Utah Too Much”.