“With an ominous retro feel, much like John Carpenter’s classic film Halloween, we meet a new murderous Santa, one with a list of folks he has deemed as naughty who need to be taken care of. This guy is nowhere, and everywhere all at once and cannot be killed! His ax, like in other Santa movies, is his murder weapon of choice and can go up in the horror hall of fame after this film! Christmas Blood certainly boasts a huge body count! I really enjoyed the dark, dreary and bleak cinematography. It really set the mood for all the killing. The snow looked real and the victims looked so cold it made me shiver. The outdoor chase scenes were chilling. The acting was top notch too, even if we don’t care for most of the people. They all still did a great job with the acting. The better to ax you with, my dears! Part of what I appreciated too, was the incredible practical effects. I believed every ax chop, sickly splatter or disgusting wound, and the visceral flow of the tremendous amounts of blood used. It was very realistic. Each kill had its own style, even personality. This Santa has a pretty sick sense of humor. Wait till you see the snowman he finds time to build! – TheBloodShed