The Imaginary Artsploitation Films Catalog: # 2 – Faster Pussycat… Kill! Kill! (1965, Director: Russ Meyer)

Anyone looking for an immersive 90 minute tutorial on exploitation, grindhouse, sexploitation, female empowerment gone wrong and overall filmic kinkiness should sit down and watch this Russ Meyer classic.

Just about all of Meyer’s unbelievable films could make a perfect fit for Artsploitation, but Faster is the winner (sorry, Beyond the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens).

Three strippers and overall bad girls headed by the sultry, never-smiling, black leather-clad Varla (Tura Satana), are racing their hotrods in the hot California desert. But the racing doesn’t satisfy their itch for trouble as they soon raise the ante with healthy doses of kidnapping, murder and robbery. Part Western, part pre-punk cinema, all eye-opening, Meyer salts this potboiler with big bouncy boobs, irreverent and sometime surreal comedy and enough sex and violence to satisfy any genre fan.

But it is Varla and her two cohorts as the predatory, trigger-fingered and sexually ravenous women that make this unforgettable, and hopefully one that would give the Me Too movement a collective massive heart attack. Shocking, fun, sexy and pop arty, this has Artsploitation written all over it.

Raymond Murray