Four female friends visit rural Chile and open up a disgustingly wriggly can of vicious worms that have grown fat on a diet of raging insanity.

If you make it through the first 5 minutes or so then you will be rewarded with the most disgraceful cinematic sewage pipe in years and the best counter-attack to A Serbian Film bores around.

Solid camera work and brilliantly executed gore effects elevate the film above timider extreme horror fare as its lack of fuck-giving will leave you in need of a hot bleach shower of the mind.

Trauma tries to hide behind a duplicitous charade of social conscience to enable its relentless tides of facial derangement, incestuous vomit rape and general stabbing and limb hacking. However, they are fooling no one as the film slides brazenly into an exploitation cesspit.

This is a truly spiteful and reactionary little movie that will revolt and repel any well-balanced viewer. It also happens to be the purest horror film of the whole year. Watch it if you dare.

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