“Some Artsploitation news now; weird German film Der Bunker came out on VOD on 6th December, it is on a variety of sites including Amazon, iTunes and YouTube. I said of the film ‘a surreal and charming film that sticks in the mind’. On 7th December French thriller Fever came out on VOD, in this film two high school students have murdered a random woman, it deals with how they cope with the aftermath of their crime. Of this I said ‘a relaxing psychological piece that…was a pleasure to watch’. The Devil Lives Here was released on DVD and VOD on 20th December, it is a Brazilian horror that features a great antagonist and has some good special effects. Finally for Artsploitation the indie time travel flick Counter Clockwise was released on DVD and VOD on 14th December, it is about a man who accidentally invents a time machine and travels six months into the future. There are some nice mind bending moments in this one.” – The Rotting Zombie