A glowing review from Film Phreak at TheBlood-Shed.com:

Even when violence is reached in the progression of THE SUMMER HOUSE’s gripping yarn, ambulance no blood is spilled for viewer eyes. This psychothriller is utterly calm and quiet throughout, capsule yet it will tie up your guts like combat boot laces. THE SUMMER HOUSE is perhaps the most frank approach to such subject matter that I’ve seen in a movie, and it’s a topic rarely approached by filmmakers, at least in my viewing experience.

Daddy’s deviant desires and dastardly dalliances make his wife’s penchant for swinging seem like a chapter right out of the family values handbook. The fallout is a monumental nightmare, built up with dispassionate observation by the filmmakers. These irrevocably life-altering repercussions strip the characters to the bone, baring to our scrutiny the real nature of their personalities.

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