Wow – I thought I was reading a Harvard graduate school-level review when I read TheCriticalCritics’ (very positive) analysis of Meat. While the esteemed MrSkin wrote “Boobs, bush, and butt are regularly on display,”  TheCriticalCritics wrote about the film’s themes and metaphors. Here are some excerpts, the full review can be found by clicking on TheCriticalCritics link.

“The exotically disturbing character-driven Dutch drama Meat (a.k.a. Vlees) is most definitely not your old-fashioned grandmother’s tenderloin steak of a sexual psychological thriller. Filmmakers Victor Nieuwenhuijs and Maartje Seyferth literally and figuratively leads the wide-eyed lamb to the slaughter in this twisted, titillating tale of emotional detachment yet thirsty urgency for forceful flesh and bone in this tawdry crime caper from The Netherlands. Convincingly hypnotic, colorfully decadent and unapologetic in its branded rawness, Meat is a bizarre and bold commentary on the reckless human carnal compulsion layered underneath mental coldness and despair. Skillfully, the aptly titled film is a potent and functional metaphor for the lost and wayward souls (both human and the victimized animals as edible sacrifices) that are numb and chopped up to the point of no return…Meat is lustfully subversive and rooted in misplaced sensuality where inner spirit and integrity are replaced with provocative urges to pound the available flesh with aimless abandonment.

Sure, there are elements of confusion to be found in Meat but the risqué performances, the frank examination of sexual release as a sociological and psychological necessity for falsified liberation and expression, and the butcher shop as the creative placement and interpretation for discarded body parts ripped to assorted pieces sexually and otherwise brilliantly culminates in a flexible and feisty film noir that resonates with acidic truthfulness in chronicled alienation.” – TheCriticalCritics