“Unforgettable…this isn’t your run of the mill horror movie. This is more like a coming of age story, but the ones coming of age are really fucked up…there’s a dark underbelly to this movie; it’s a story about the narcissism and nihilism that can only come from inexperienced youth. It’s a dark, dirty, mean-spirited film that gets darker and meaner as it goes. I felt dirty as fuck watching. The writing is incredible. The plot twists are like short jabs to your gut; they come in rapid succession and leave your mouth agape. It’s a really beautiful and engrossing film. If you let it, this film will pull you in quickly and won’t let go until long after the credits roll. This is a film that will stick with you for awhile. This is the kind of horror that reflects real-life horrors and if you’re in the mood for a gorgeous downer of a film, We is what you’re looking for.” Yeti, TNHORROR