Counter Clockwise is a good addition to the low budget time travel genre, one filled with classics like Time Crimes and Primer. The audience is left in the dark as is the main character so while he’s trying to figure out what the hell is going on, so are we. The movie is rough around the edges but it has a vitality to it that I really appreciated. It’s the rough homegrown quality that I liked. It has the true spirit of independent cinema rather than the overly slick vibe I get from so many “independent” flicks nowadays. I like slick too, but it’s nice to see something obviously made by folks with a passion, little budget, but a whole lot of guts. Thankfully there is no fat to trim on this one, it’s lean and it works. Counter Clockwise is an enjoyable indie effort from some new voices in film. Nothing here feels fake or contrived. It’s an honest film with the singular goal of playing around with time travel logic. It’s a debut film from director George Moise. I’d be interested to see what he does with a bit more money and bit more experience, especially if he stays with genre film making.” – ToxicPlayground