The film is unrestrained and controversial with overtones on the objectification, exploitation regard towards women…this is an example of how horror films should be made. Trauma explores different sub-genres of horror with Home invasion, revenge, and exploitation themes being explored. Each area funnels into the concept of real-life monsters crafted by the horrors of war. Demons and ghouls are typical of fiendish nature yet Director, Writer Lucio A. Rojas constructed a slate of Earth-bound antagonists just as evil.

Trauma provides the viewer with unhinged, raw violence yet with definition and purpose. Critics may apply the idiotic term torture porn to define the contents of Trauma. Yet, the material offered in Rojas’ film is an absent component to the current watered down landscape of Horror cinema. Trauma balances Drama, Horror, and Thriller with visuals that are disturbing and gory. Rojas captures every angle and every scene with a keen eye to detail. n visuals, Trauma offers spectacular practical effects from exploding faces to a melting body each work looks realistic and revolting to watch.” – DecayMag