“Within minutes of [We’s] start the teenage ensemble is mostly naked filming their own pornography in a scheme to make some money. Soon pornography gives way to prostitution. Then makeshift abortions, horrible accidents, and untimely deaths. The film certainly has its shocking moments and they aren’t few and far between either. Fans of Larry Clark’s Kids and Bully or Harmony Korine’s Gummo will find a lot in common here in regard to both style and themes. As in those films, there’s a nihilism that’s drives the film and a sense of danger that continually builds. Even when we, as viewers, can see what’s coming next, the anticipation is horrifying and dread inducing. This may not be a life changing film for all, but it surely will be for some… It’s uncompromising and filled with complicated and confusing emotions. In the end, it all comes to a head, a catharsis that is somehow equally fulfilling and not. In the end, the films will have you wondering why and if anything in this world even matters.” Justin Harlan, Cinapse