Wicked Horror’s James Swift has written one of the best and shockingly funniest reviews of our film WE we’ve read so far. We loved it, although he did make one mistake when he said that Artsploitation, “Gets its jollies scouring Europe for the raunchiest and most risque genre movies legally allowed to be imported into the United States.” Fact is we also scour South America as well – remember TRAUMA?! READ THE FULL REVIEW

“We is not the kind of movie you’ll want to watch if you’re looking for an inspirational, uplifting cinematic experience….one of the finest (and most ferocious) “youth-gone-wild” movies to come down the pipes in years…Heck, there’s even a scene where this one girl takes an iPod Nano and … yeah, the fine editors here at Wicked Horror won’t even let me think about telling you what happens next…this is a seriously twisted melodrama targeting the most calloused of cinephiles.” James Swift, WickedHorror