“The genre BLOOD PARADISE falls into is pieces of so many genres. It has elements of horror mixed with a deeply involving character development that peaks this absurd humor. All the while, swimming in a very sexual pool. This film wants you to build anticipation of what you think is coming with a sense of comfort only to pull it out from you. This film really pays off with a well thought-out script. You can tell a lot of thought was put into each scene and how they play out. This film likes to stick the audience with a knife and then twist it and turn till you are trying to figure out how the knife not only got there in the first place but how can it leave. This film feels like peeking through the keyhole to a life that you know is heading towards an unpredictable car wreck. …you will thank me once you watch it. This film is creative and unique, but yet smart and calculated. It has a very odd sexual vibe to it that made me cringe in a weird way. This film at times reminded me of a perverted Calvaire.” – WickedChannel