In 2011 an under the radar film with a self-explanatory name, Hobo with a Shotgun brought Grindhouse cinema back for cult genre fans everywhere. In 2015 New Zealand raised the bar with a true Grindhouse budget putting a Turbo Kid on a bike. In 2017 Netherlands did it again and it’s finally made its way to America. From the prophetic mind of Thijs Meuwese with co-director Colinda Bongers, comes an English language feature in a true tale of Turbo Kid and Hobo with a Shotgun. Molly adds her name to the list of modern day Grindhouse features set in a desolate world with an unlikely hero. Julia Batelaan is tiny and beautiful and badass in her lead role as Molly. Action scenes are Hollywood unrefined and they’re better for it. It’s a big statement to say but Molly has some of the most enjoyable fight sequences I’ve seen since Nada and Frank battled in an alleyway over a pair of sunglasses. Molly has arrived from the Netherlands wasteland in a roar of sci-fi action, with supernatural powers. She’s just waiting to find her cult audience of Grindhouse features before her. – WithoutYouHead