We at Artsploitation Films think the world of film reviewers and bloggers. We practically worship the laptop they write on. And while we have been fortunate that most of our films have been well-received, we were frankly stumped by the sometimes respectful but often tepid reviews FEVER received. We thought it was a classic – the very definition of Artsploitation. Now, a few months after its release, a reviewer -the brilliant Michael Klug of Horror Freak News has written the perfect review of the film.  Here are some snippets:

“A psychological thriller of the highest order. Based on the novel by Leslie Kaplan, it’s a story taking a cue from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Rope. And Rope was inspired by the real-life Leopold and Loeb murder case of the 1920’s. Fever is definitely a psychological thriller. There is no horror per se, but a deep and intriguing character study of extremely flawed people. And what raises this film up from lesser pictures – every single character – in addition to our three leads – are multi-dimensional, with rich histories and dark secrets. Performances are spectacular from top to bottom, but of course, we must point out the stellar work of Martin Loizillon and Pierre Moure as these two strange boys who one day decide to murder an innocent woman. And although it’s never legitimized onscreen, the homoerotic tension between them is extreme and extremely intriguing. The soundtrack is simply mesmerizing. It’s done by the international recording artist Camille – who appears as Alice Snow – a singer – in the film.

The performances, the unusual structure and the denouement – as well as the brilliant score of Fever – make this a film you can’t miss. And honestly, after letting it sit overnight, there’s nothing which I can pinpoint as a misstep, a flub or a problem. Therefore, Fever is worthy of a perfect score – and those are certainly not easy to come by. This film is a modern classic. – Horror Freak News