Richard Whittaker from the Austin Chronicle Writes About Artsploitaiton

“For anyone who wants respite from mainstream cinema, ambulance or even mainstream indie cinema, there’s a whole globe of bizarre and envelope-pushing movies. The only problem is that there’s a lack of outlets for them. So for fans of such films, the big question has been: Whatever happened to Artsploitation?

The nascent label was off to a rollicking start, mixing genre oddities with street-hardened narratives. It had a slate that included fascinating Lithuanian sci-fi dream Vanishing Waves and German neo-Nazi drama Combat Girls.

Then it basically disappeared for 15 months.

Now it’s back with a trifecta of titles. The tone of its first three releases places a little more emphasis on horror than much of its earlier catalog. However, its aspiration to provide a home to the more cerebral genre titles is undoubtedly still in place.┬áThis is a label with a distinctive voice, and that’s a rarity. With titles like SXSW horror favorite Cub, and Other Worlds Austin crowd pleaser Bloody Knuckles all on the slate before the end of the year, that voice should only get stronger.” — Richard Whitaker, Austin Chronicle